Branches, Pauline Thomas, 2015, 1/15

This is a variation about Still Life, mixing painting and photography.

Photographs of painted objects found in nature, light carving softly the skin of things contradicted by the black coat eating up the clarity of the scene. 

No direct light, diffusing, transiting, revealing. 

Unlike traditional paintings and photographs of still lives, the scene is not more realistic. It depicts an advanced stage of passing, inspiring a meditation on the ephemeral nature of things.

“She is increasingly seeking to make us travel from the appearance of real-life objects to their secret texture, their microscopically visible pattern and revealed in the same image by the juxtaposition of two or more scales as she says : Succumb to the trembling of space, conquer the territory of the invisible. Play, compile, unfold, spin, undo, scroll. Ad libitum.”

- Jean-François Comte